Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials

The best way to make The Big Battery Rescue school challenge a success is to spread the word and raise awareness across your school and communities. The easiest way to do that is using our video, print and digital resources below. Simply download, share or post these resources in your newsletters, notice boards, or on your school’s social media accounts.

Shareable Videos

Hey Schools and Students Meet Nikki Nickel

Copy this link and share:

Classroom Pizza Party

Watch this video to learn how your class can win a pizza party! Just by collecting and recycling your used batteries.

Social Media

Use these social media squares below to remind and excite your school and families about The Big Battery Rescue school challenge!
You can click ‘download’ on the images to download them (they may open in another window) and then upload them to Instagram, Facebook, or your website to share. There is a recommend message below each one but feel free to write your own.

Our school is talking part in THE BIG BATTERY RESCUE as a part of the NATIONAL SCHOOL CHALLENGE! Speak to your teachers in class to find out more! #TheBigBatteryRescue #StocklandLiving

Are you the hero we need? Less than 10% of batteries are recycled. Our school needs your help to recycle as many batteries as possible!
#TheBigBatteryRescue #StocklandLiving

Calling all Battery Recycling Superheroes! Our school needs your help to recycle as many batteries as we can in order to: SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE THE PLANET & MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH THE BIG BATTERY RESCUE! #TheBigBatteryRescue #StocklandLiving