The Challenge

What is The Big Battery Rescue National Recycling Challenge?

The Big Battery Rescue is a school based national challenge – free for schools – thanks to the generous support of our partners at Stockland.

Did you know that in Australia, each year, over 300 million household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste? Less than 3% are recycled meaning a staggering 14,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill.

Your school, students and parents can make a difference!

The Big Battery Rescue provides schools and communities with free battery recycling kits that help save the environment by diverting batteries from landfill.

How do we participate in The Big Battery Rescue National Recycling Challenge?

Each school that signs up will participate by reaching battery collection goals throughout the year! “

This is done by simply collecting up all the used batteries from school, home and across your community – and depositing them into a Big Battery Rescue battery recycling bucket. These buckets provide the tools to take real action – and make a measurable difference both at school and at home towards recycling batteries and keeping them out of landfill.

Our partner accredited recycler will then pick up and take away all the batteries to be recycled – and measure the impact of the effort and how the result contributes to growing the circular economy.

Each participating school will be measured and tracked so that they can report on the fantastic results and impact of their students and whole school community! All participating schools will be rewarded for their effort based on the amount of batteries recycled.

The Battery Recycling Kits

We help participating schools every step of the way to ensure they have the tools they need to collect their used batteries and divert them from landfill!

By participating in The Big Battery Rescue National School Challenge your school will receive battery recycling buckets including a collection service from our partner accredited recycler.

First you need somewhere to put them

Each classroom will be given a lightweight, easy to manage small recycling battery bucket to deposit all the batteries that have been collected from home and at school.

Once the batteries start filling up the classroom buckets, Student Battery Ambassadors record weights, take photos and fill up the large battery recycling bucket in the central school administration area. Which class at your school will recycle the most?

What if a school is SOOO good at recycling that the large battery bucket is full?

Well each school is also given an even BIGGER battery recycling bin (whispers…it’s actually a wheelie bin) that will be be collected through the year by our partner accredited battery recycler.

Classroom Rewards

As part of the Big Battery Rescue we are looking for your best Student Battery Ambassadors – students that really get behind the challenge and encourage others to do the same.

At the end of each semester, submit your Battery Ambassadors In Action via photo or video, and one classroom per school will receive and end of semester pizza party.

School Rewards

Once per semester, $100 for your school if you reach 100kg of batteries recycled during that semester.

End of year Rewards

$2,000/$1,300/$800 end of year grand prizes for the top 3 schools that recycle the most batteries for the year (based on averaged weight per student).