Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for checking out our Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t see your question answered below? Call us at 03 9553 5914 or 1300 652 470 or send an email to challenge@bigbatteryrescue.com

What is The Big Battery Rescue?

The Big Battery Rescue is a national challenge that provides free battery recycling kits and collection from an accredited battery recycler. The challenge kicks off with a Livestream Education Event called The Energized Guyz: Powered Up, offering your classrooms a convenient, online accessible option for experiencing educational theatre.

This 30-minute session presents a livestream lesson in STEM and Conservation for grades 1-6. Through an interactive web platform, a live actor/educator host will introduce entertaining sketches featuring a variety of characters in professionally filmed scenes from our live theatrical productions – and guide classrooms to participate in a discussion on important curriculum of battery recycling, waste and conservation.

Students and teachers will also have access to a Q&A with the live host, and an exclusive e-learning package that includes games, quizzes and lesson plans for the classroom that reinforce concepts from the livestream show.

Participating schools also receive battery recycling kits that provide tools to take action – and make a real, measurable difference towards diverting batteries from landfill both at school and home. All participating schools will be rewarded for their effort based on the amount of batteries recycled.

Is The Big Battery Rescue really free?

Yes!  The Big Battery Rescue is completely free for your school and community to participate. The program in its entirety is valued at over $10,000 per school/location, but it is available at no cost to each individual school/community. Our friends at Stockland have generously provided the funding to make this program possible for a number of schools as well as general communities across Australia as part of their commitment to support sustainability, environmentalism and STEM education.

How can my school or community participate in The Big Battery Rescue

The Big Battery Rescue is a comprehensive program and takes a commitment from the schools and communities that host—from the school at large, from classrooms, from individual students as well as parents and the school community at large. To apply, email us at challenge@bigbatteryrescue.com and our staff will work with you to facilitate the next steps.

How do we access the livestream?

After you schedule a time slot, you will receive an email to confirm your livestream event. Then a separate emailed link will be provided to easily connect to the livestream. Share this link with your school.

Is personal info required?

No. No login is required, and we are not collecting any data or personal information from students or teachers.

What equipment/technology do we need?

All you need is a connection to the internet and somewhere for the students to watch. If classes are watching from the same location, we recommend using the fewest devices/screens possible to tune in – both for the best collective experience, and to minimise strain on your school’s network.

What age/grade level is The Big Battery Rescue designed for?

The Livestream Event of The Energized Guyz: Powered Up and related classroom materials are for grades P-6. All primary school students are welcome!

And anyone of any age can participate in the community battery recycling effort! Just collect your batteries and drop them into one of The Big Battery Rescue battery buckets!

Can students at home tune in?

Absolutely! The livestream is designed to be enjoyed by classes who are together or apart. Just make sure that parents and guardians have access to the link.

How will the Q&A work?

Students and teachers can submit questions through the livestream platform – the host will answer a select number of these questions throughout the session. Questions not answered during the session will all receive an email response to your school.

What does the Program Administrator do?

When hosting The Big Battery Rescue, one person at the school will need to be in charge of liaising with our team at The National Theatre for Children and facilitating all aspects of the program within your school/community. We call this person the “Program Administrator.” Ideally this person would be a school administrator, curriculum coordinator, science coordinator, or other staff member who has the ability to coordinate with classroom teachers at your school.

The Program Administrator is responsible for the following:

  • Liaising with the team at NTC and coordinating the upcoming Livestream Educational Event – The Energized Guyz: Powered Up
  • Distributing The Energized Guyz: Powered Up curriculum materials to all the classroom teachers.
  • Distributing The Big Battery Rescue  battery recycling kits to all the classroom teachers, helping to facilitate placement of the battery recycling buckets into classrooms, along with a large battery recycling bucket for the central school administration area.
  • Assisting classroom teachers to nominate Student Battery Ambassadors who will help to lead the charge at your school.
  • Supporting classrooms and the Student Battery Ambassadors with weigh-ins of collected batteries to see who has recycled the most!
  • Coordinating with the NTC team to organize the timing of our accredited battery recycler to visit your school, on average once per term, to collect the large recycling bin and take all your batteries away.
  • Sharing results, news, videos and photos from The Big Battery Rescue web portal where your school can track their fantastic efforts and results.
What support does NTC provide to help us run the program

Never fear, your school is not alone.

First, your school will receive all necessary instruction materials as well as educational materials for all aspects of the program, including printed guides for the Program Administrators and teachers to use. The Administrator Guide has instructions and how-to’s, advice, resources and more. The educational materials are all curriculum-aligned and provide each individual student with engagement resources both in print and digital format. We also include resources for back at home to engage parents, siblings and extended family members.

Who should we contact with additional questions about The Big Battery Rescue?

If you have any additional questions, please call 1-300-652-470 for assistance. You can also email your questions to challenge@bigbatteryrescue.com