Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy explains what rights you have to access or change your personal data. At The National Theatre for Children, we take your privacy and your responsibility to protect your information very seriously and will take care in the use and handling of your data.

If at any point you have questions about your privacy on our website, read the details below or contact us

What information are we collecting?

Our website is entirely for entertainment and education. It’s important that you obtain parental consent to register for the site if you’re under the age of 16. With their permission, you can then enter the competition.

We collect your information when you enter the competition.

We use this data to provide you with information, improve your website experience, or reply to your questions.

We make sure that all of this information is stored safely and securely.

We also collect certain information about how you use the website, and the device that you use to do this. This includes things like how long you visited the website for, things you might have searched for on the website, and your rough geographical location (e.g., New South Wales). We use this information to make our website better for you.

The only time we would ever share your data with a third party(another website or company), is to help you receive information from them. Specifically, this will only happen if you win the competition, and they need your contact details to send you a prize.

How do we use your information?

The National Theatre for Children will use your information lawfully and we do not sell it to third parties. There are a number of reasons why we might use your information, which include:

  • providing yourself or your parent/guardian with information.
  • contacting your parent/guardian.
  • looking at the way you use our websites and apps, so that we can improve the services that we offer.
  • providing service and support

We are only interested in keeping your information safe and using it in ways that benefit you. Our priority is making sure that you have the best experience possible on the website, and that’s what we use data for.

Who can see your information?

Our staff, or the staff of third parties that we work with, might use the information that you provide. They might store it, delete it (only when necessary!), organise it, or record it, but whatever they do, it will be done lawfully and safely

Some examples of people who might see this information include:

  • our website operators and IT support providers
  • our customer service team
  • our financial services team

Do we share your information?

We share your information within our company and our partner third party companies in order to use it legally. If we share it outside of our company, your parent or guardian will need to consent to this specifically, as detailed in the competition terms and conditions.

How do we look after your information?

We are always looking to minimise the amount of personal information that we hold about you. We use security measures to protect your information against any unlawful use or unauthorised access.

How long do we keep your data for?

We will keep hold of your information only for as long as is necessary

We look to find ways to reduce the amount of information that we store, by doing things like regularly archiving our emails, using password protected folders to restrict access to information, and deleting any information we no longer require.

What are your rights and choices?

You have the right to object to our using your information, and can do so by contacting us using the details provided below. Your parent or guardian can also withdraw their consentat any time. If you are at all unhappy about the way your information is being used, or have any questions, you can contact us and we will try to resolve the problem